Miguel De La Rosa: Founder & Marketing Director, Mplify A Man of Marketing Passion and Efforts

August 29, 2018
Miguel De La Rosa

In today’s generation of marketing and advertising cooperated with digital media platforms, this man of experience molded from different shades of public relations and brand management has emerged to be both a guru and an inspiration of how the real power of content and marketing strategies can make a winner with 100% passion through efforts.

Miguel De La Rosa, “Migs/Migz” to his industry colleagues and close friends, is a Scorpio born on October 30, 1981 in Naga City, Camarines Sur. At 36, he is already an established Marketing Professional, and the Founder and Managing Director of the well-known marketing and public relation company, MPLIFY (www.mplify-ph.com).

A veteran marketer with 16 years of experience and training, De La Rosa graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Nueva Caceres (UNC) under his belt. He was a working student during his College days; holistically active in both extra-curricular (member of Glee Club, governor of College of Commerce, officer of various college organizations & founder of Bugkos (a student political organization in UNC), and Academic (Dean’s Lister and Scholar of UNCNAAI) aspects. Embracing independence at a young age, he continued to learn as he entered the world of his chosen passion, Marketing.

He loves movies and music, and doing simple things like singing, eating, and trying out news cuisines. He also spends his free time swimming and he occasionally joins fun run events. His de-stressing activity? He smiles a lot whenever possible. And channels his stress by doing acts of kindness to people.

His Scorpio personality makes him very determined and independent: whenever he has a goal he will go for it until it’s accomplished. And though he may seem to have achieved a lot more at his young age, he continues to have goals, such as launching more businesses to support his dream foundation for the children and the elderly. Apart from that he also wants to open his own restaurant, and more related endeavors to supplement Mplify and its clients’ needs.

De La Rosa was proud of his humble beginnings, and even prouder of his marketing management experiences, which is quite extensive. He started his career as Marketing Management Trainee at San Miguel Corporation, and later joined San Miguel Foods Inc. to do brand management as Product Assistant for BMEG Hog Feeds. He worked as the Marketing Officer for International Operations of Chowking UAE in Dubai. He also worked at various capacities—-from Barista to Store Marketing—- at Mockamore Chain of Coffee Shops in UAE. He was the former Digital Media and Sales Manager of Celestial Media Services, Inc., the Sales & Business Development Manager of Hand Interactive Inc. (Summit Media), Marketing Communications Manager of Bratpack (Primer Group), Brand Manager of Super SumoSam Foods Inc., Marketing Director of Golden PotBelly Pig Corporation, Marketing Manager of Kitchen City Express and Marketing Manager of Giabella Foods Corporation (Manang’s Chicken).

As a professional and a high-profile individual, he is ready to help and ensures others to achieve their individual success. As he says, “Success for me is seeing the people around me succeed with my humble influence; and touching their lives in a positive way.”

His affiliations are proofs of his long years of serving, not just for monetary gains but for lending support to those who step into the world of Marketing. He is a former Officer and active member of various organizations, such as the Junior Chamber International (JCI), Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) where he was awarded as the 2011 Outstanding Member of the Year, United Print Media Group (UPMG) and Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc.(AFFI). He won several awards competing in his mastered industry. He was recognized as one of the Agora Youth Awardees (Ten Outstanding Marketing Students of 2004), 2018 Outstanding Alumni of the College of Business and Accountancy of his Alma Mater, University of Nueva Caceres, and recently he is one of the 2018 Certified Leapreneur Awardees.

MPLIFY (pronounce as Amplify)

Mplify is a Marketing and PR company that holds the tagline, “Amplify Your Business”. It was officially launched on August 12, 2017 at Marco Polo Ortigas via their produced “Restaurant Engagement Conference” that gathered hundreds of restaurateurs, and is currently on several projects with their roster of clients such as Dermcare, Crystal White, Hakata Ikkousha, Salad Bar, Karavision, Karatula Marketing, Lunula Spa, Nailogy Spa, Akira, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, New Orleans, Hue Studio Salon, SumoSam, Agape Pastries & Tartines, Ciano Restaurant, KitcheNails, Team Sir George Salon, Bioessence, Fiery Style, Studio Bake, and Inihaw King. It capitalizes on the power of PR via established industry relationship and marketing expertise. Also to the personal and hands-on touch in the execution of its marketing campaigns and PR projects. A growing number of trusted brands are entrusting their marketing needs to Mplify and taking advantage of having Migs De La Rosa on top of their marketing support and to achieve their business goals.

Being an ever-dynamic marketing person, Migs always make sure to be updated with the current trends—”know what other people know.” During these times that different channels of advertisement were being used, he assures to challenge their team’s potential by responding to changes brought by time. “You need to innovate and go with the advent of digital age in order to continue to stay relevant. Big players in our industry are no longer around because they did not acknowledge that the landscapes of the consumer behavior and marketing platforms are changing,” he said.

Well-known to be trusted by business personalities and recognized as a professional long before he established his own company, De La Rosa’s expertise in handling clients and in putting to life various ideas, regardless of how pursuable or complex it may be is renowned. Mplify creates space for creative brand promotion using the influence of digital media combined with traditional media such as print. Though already been successful, he still wants to promote and widen what Mplify could do, “One of my visions is to make Mplify one of the biggest marketing and PR firm in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.”

Migs De La Rosa as an Outstanding Marketer

Immersed in his passion to serve and help clients by creating multiple efforts in succession, De La Rosa have qualities he always consider and wants to share to uplift business-minded and entrepreneur-by-heart individuals. He is committed to his passion that made him remarkable in his field. Life changing experiences and survived journeys he took have reminded him to always have faith and trust God to put him where he should be. “With a strong heart, you will be successful because you’re determined,” he shared.

Some of the things that he esteemed are versatility, readiness and consistency. He is well-organized and always prepares for the battles that are not yet visible to his competitors. De La Rosa confidently said, “I welcome change. I’m an advocate of continuous learning. Acknowledging and readiness for the change to come makes you a better person, it gives you the edge over others.” He also believes that one of the keys to his success is being consistent in everything.

On being resilient, he has this motto that always guides him whenever he faces situations that challenge him “Giving up for me is not an option and will never be an option.” Going into the ups-and-downs of life gives you the right attitude of a winner. You cannot please everyone but you can always believe in yourself.” Migs always allows himself to be good to people so it will produce good effects towards others, too. That trait made him acknowledge the things he would not give up as future challenges arrive.

“The purpose of life isn’t about money or position; it is about how you touch lives.” It’s one of the mantra that gives life to our Marketing Guru. He never forgets to say ‘Thank You’ even for the simplest things that helped him become a better version of himself. “Do more and help more. Nothing beats being appreciated that’s why I always say thank you to people.”

For a man as successful as he is and someone that people look up to, De La Rosa admitted that his strength comes from his family and their everlasting love and support. As what he proudly says, “Being a family member is a lifetime commitment. One thing I’m proud of myself is at least I’m a good son, a good brother and a good uncle.” He is also happy that he became the go-to-guy of almost everyone he knows as he establishes himself in the industry.

“I’m vibrant, accessible, and easy to work with, and I get along with people easily due to my positive aura and optimistic disposition. I’m a strong person but sometimes I also feel weak. What makes me motivated is that I know people look up to me, they get strengths and advices from me, I don’t want to be somebody’s reason for giving up,” he shared. “I’m lucky to have charisma. When I speak, people listen. I think they acknowledge that I’m sincere, I’m honest,” he added. And he ended the topic by saying “I’m not perfect but at least I’m trying to be a good person, I’m straight-forward, I’m candid, because people around me deserves my honesty. Why am I honest? Because people around us deserve the truth even if it hurts.”

Migs as an Exceptional Professional

Migs’ strong and independent character is relative to his early separation from his parents. His mother worked as an OFW in the Middle East and his father died when Migs was only 10. He paved his way to fulfilling his High School Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree when he applied and passed as a Scholar of UNC Nurses Alumni Association Int’l based in San Diego, California.

“When I started the business, people don’t trust me that easily, people looked down on me, but it never crossed my mind to give up, I proved them wrong,” he said. Up to this moment, he is serving as an inspiration by being a Resource Speaker to various seminars on different colleges, institutions and companies. He always remind himself to be better and be responsible because recognition and plaques for him is both a reward for being good and a responsibility to be better in order for those accolades to continue. “I’m a man of strong conviction, I stand firm on my principles. If I like the things I do, I will do everything in my capabilities to make it happen,” he explained.

Being a working student (as service crew to Jollibee and Greenwich) while in college, he was often assigned to marketing functions. His exposure to those activities made him appreciate marketing and made him realized the importance of listening to what the consumers and customers are saying. He emphasized the benefit of hard work and sleepless nights in fulfilling successful campaigns and good brands. “As a Marketing man, I want people to think that Marketing should be seen as an investment, not as an expense. You cannot expect results, success or greatness without spending for it,” he concluded.

Migs De La Rosa is a born multi-tasker, he accomplishes his numerous tasks simultaneously. He’s very meticulous to details and doesn’t sleep until things are done. As a marketer, he always values the act of prioritizing. “A lot of people say I am always busy which I’m not, I just prioritize things and people I meet because I value my time.”

For Migs, Marketing should be seen as a support function to various divisions of a company. Marketing should create strategy that supports operation to create sales. Marketing program and strategy should be created to deliver sales and business goals. According to him, marketing program is with the inputs of operation and sales people, who act like roots, they have people’s engagement and they know what should be done in times concerning the advent of technology.

He shared that competing brands put their trust in him because he respects his clients’ confidentiality. “There is neither original campaign nor strategy, it’s all on the implementation, how you make things happen,” he added. Conversely, he always goes back to the basics of understanding the brand, its target market, and creating strategies that is aligned to the brand positioning, when handling difficult clients.

One thing he never forgets about being a business leader is to be grateful for the experiences and the people he met as he went on his marketing journey. Being grateful is innate to him. That’s why he always encourage helping people. Part of it was being a mentor of the Leapreneur Community whose members took a leap from being employees to full-pledged entrepreneurs. “Nothing beats the feeling that you’re helping new entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and making their businesses flourish. I’m happy to become a positive instrument of other people’s success. I cannot describe it in my heart but it is an overwhelming joy. I’m always open for opportunities if God will continue to use me as instrument of His blessing for others,” Migs said happily.

What Miguel De La Rosa wants you to Remember

There are three things a Miguel De La Rosa of the marketing industry wanted people to remember. “Going to business is not just joining the bandwagon; an entrepreneur should always have a good purpose in entering the industry.”

As Miguel De La Rosa creates a person in him who is a very concrete evidence of a product of passion and inspiration, it opens opportunities for other people’s success. He might have faced difficult situations but those are the essentials of life and that made him much wiser. Like he says, “you cannot avoid gaining wisdom along your life’s journey. Applied knowledge is wisdom. Shared knowledge is happiness and freedom.”

“Success is not defined by money alone, but on how you inspire others by what you do, not by what you have.” – Miguel De La Rosa

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