Taiwanese Cafe goes viral for its horrifyingly realistic puppy-shaped ice-cream

August 18, 2018
Puppy Shaped Ice Cream
Photo: Penguin4466/Reddit

CAFE in Taiwan has been getting a lot of attention online for serving puppy-shaped ice-cream that most people describe as adorable and terrifying at the same time.

Puppy Shaped Ice Cream
Photo: Penguin4466/Reddit

When you think about food, the first thing that probably comes to mind is taste, but the fact that eating is a visual experience as well, sometimes you can be put off by a dish, even though you know it is delicious. That’s kind of the vibe I’m getting from the puppy-shaped ice-cream served at the Sowing the Sweets cafe in Taiwan. I’m sure it tastes good -- it’s ice-cream, after all -- but at the same time, i find the idea of digging into this realistic puppy with a spoon disturbing and morbid.

It’s not clear exactly how the cafe creates the puppy ice-cream, but I’m pretty sure they’re using the same type of high-quality silicone molds as this Thai dessert shop that went viral last year for its puppy-shaped coconut milk puddings. It doesn’t even matter how they make them, the important question is who has the heart and stomach to eat these frozen treats? Where do you even start? Do you take a bite out of its face, a paw or do you just sink the spoon into the puppy’s back?

Well, Reddit user Penguin4466, whose photos of the disturbing dessert went viral on the popular social network, actually managed to eat one of these treats. How he managed to do it is beyond me, and most redittors who commented on his photos agreed that the puppy ice-cream just looks to realistic to eat.

“Too real. Could not eat,” Reddit user goblingirl wrote.

“What did it taste like? Sin and regret?” Im-a-huge-fan asked.

“I’d eat it, but I’d cry while doing so,” queenfirst commented.

That could make this puppy-shaped ice-cream even less appetizing is if they actually filled it up with a red-syrup for even more realism…

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