What are temple garments? The clothes that Latter-day Saints wear

April 02, 2019
Latter Day Saints Temple

Original Latter-day Saints temple garments were single-piece underclothing that covered the body from ankles to wrists. Today, garments cover the wearer’s shoulders, torso, and thighs. Find out everything about the sacred clothes Latter-day Saints wear and why they are important for them.

What are temple garments?
Temple garments are a sacred type of underwear used by some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or simply called Latter-day Saints). The most respectful term for them is temple garments, and they are formed by two pieces, a T-shirt and fitting knee-length shorts.

Temple garments, LDS garments, or just garments, are an expression of faith and are worn by adult members who have participated in sacred temple ceremonies, called ordinances, and made solemn commitments (covenants) to keep God’s commandments and follow Jesus Christ.

Why do Latter-day Saints wear temple garments?
Not every member of the church wears garments. Only adults, who have made the covenants associated with temple worship, wear temple garments. One of the temple covenant Latter-day Saints make with God is the commitment to wear the holy garment day and night, but this doesn’t mean they never take them off. Garments are removed for swimming, exercise, and other appropriate activities. People like athletes, dancers, and any other people with professions that make them difficult for them to use garments, don’t wear them under their uniforms.

These are the reasons why members of the Church wear garments:

Because they have religious symbolism and scriptural history
Plain white is a symbol of equality and unity before God. Temple garments help remind wearers of their commitment to keep God’s commandments and live faithful lives of devotion, morality, and service.

God gave garments to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Bible, references garments as part of the Old Testament temple ritual, calling them “holy” and made for glory and beauty.

Because they encourage social modesty
Members of the Church subscribe to ideals of modesty that avoid exposure of the torso, shoulders, and thighs as a show of respect. These characteristics might difficult garment wearers choose certain clothing styles, but they enjoy dressing fashionably within these basic modesty guidelines.

Because they remind Latter-day Saints of covenants
Wear garments every day help Latter-day Saints remember the covenants made with God in the temple. Garments are a form of expression of fidelity to God and to a vow to live a good, honorable life. Wearing them serves as a private and personal reminder of the promises they made with God. Covenants made in the temple are considered solemn promises, and the ordinances and garments associated with them are treated with respect.

What are not temple garments

Temple garments are not robes. While temple garments are underwear worn every day and everywhere, temple robes are worn over clothing and used only inside LDS temples for ceremonies and worship.

Temple garments are not “magic underwear.” Temple garments are highly symbolic of the beliefs and promises Latter-day Saints make, but they do not have special powers. There isn’t anything magical about them.

Not everyone can buy temple garments. Church members must hold a temple recommend to purchase garments. Temple garments are manufactured under Church direction and are only sold through Church facilities.

Temple garments are not an indication of authority, insignia or rank, but once members have participated in the temple ordinance, they will wear temple garments throughout life in reverence of the covenants made with God.