Where Women Leaders Grow

March 26, 2019
Maussie Gonzalez
Maussie Gonzalez

Mondelez Philippines Supports Women Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to Mondelez Philippines. Home to not only delicious snack products, but to amazing women leaders as well. As a Company that aims to empower people to snack right, this vision translates to its winning growth culture. Mondelez Philippines believes that diversity must be about more than gender however; it’s about respect for and appreciation of diversity of culture, experience, and ideas.

In Mondelez Philippines, 71% of its people who hold leadership roles are women: an inspiring number, and one that the Company is proud of. “Our global focus as a Company is to ensure that our leadership reflects the diversity of our workforce and consumers; that we grow an inclusive workplace for all,” shares Richard Stone, Director for HR, Mondelēz International in South East Asia (SEA).

According to Stone, “We believe that any business plan is only as good as the culture that brings it to life. That’s why across our locations in SEA like the Philippines, we are doing a lot of things to develop and grow female leaders. These include establishing a female talent watch list to help women grow into leadership roles, measuring female representation in our business scorecard, ensuring diversity among candidates for an open position, and increasing awareness on unconscious bias.” Together, these initiatives to help grow women leaders have proven effective and beneficial. What’s more, out of the women leaders in the Philippine organization, 80% are mothers too.

Creating a Culture Where Women are Nurtured

Among the many women leaders in Mondelez Philippines are Michelle Gan-Reyes and Maussie Gonzalez, who both hold regional roles and are both moms too.

Michelle Gan-Reyes
Michelle Gan-Reyes

Gan, as she is referred to, is the Category Manager for Meals Equity and Innovation for SEA. As she shares, “Mondelez Philippines not only makes it a point to encourage women leaders, it defines it as part of the Company’s goals, to clearly and effectively measure this across the organization. Truth be told, the Company is filled with inspiring women, across various positions and levels in the organization. We enjoy a culture that is empowered and positively impacts the way people work with each other and how women effectively deliver on business goals. Without any added pressure, the Company makes me feel even more positive about being a woman and being able to contribute to a great place in many ways amazing women can.”

Maussie is the Company’s Business Integrity Officer for SEA. She agrees with Gan saying, “Yes, I feel that there is a great diversity of people, talent and cultures in the Company. I believe that this has been very beneficial to the Company in that it has allowed more ideas, creativity and innovation in its strategies and operations. The Company thrives on the unique amalgamation of these differing inputs from its people.”

She adds that in her line of work, this focus on diversity has been very empowering. “As a compliance and integrity practitioner, the Company’s unwavering direction and action plans, has enabled me to achieve both personal and professional growth.”

Adds Gan, “What I’ve experienced to be helpful in my career is the genuine support I’ve received from my colleagues and leaders in the organization and the acknowledgment of a need to be challenged and to continuously grow in what I do and contribute to the success of the Company.”

Enabling Women at Work and Home

Gan continues that Mondelez Philippines enables women through various means to achieve their career goals without having to sacrifice their home life. The Company has made clear strides to enable women to carry out their work effectively, while being cognizant of the realities and demands of motherhood and their key role in the family. These include the implementation of a work-from-home policy and extension of its maternity policy to 120 days as early as 2017.

Maussie adds, “The Company allows remote working for people whose responsibilities do not require them to be present in the office at all times.  In my case, since my work covers South East Asia, I have the privilege to work from home as needed.  This allows me flexibility in managing my time with my family and work requirements.”

The stories from Mondelez Philippines show that giving women an important place and role in the Company not only helps create empowered leaders, but fosters an environment where people are encouraged to be the best they can be.