Efficiency meets sustainability

February 28, 2019
From left: Mr. Enrico Morales (JSEC - National Key Account & Marketing Manager), Mr. Rey Macaraig (JSEC – New Installation (NI) Sales Head), Mr. Akash Srivastava (JSEC – New Installation (NI) Director), Mr. Peter Schwarer (Managing Director), Arch. Rey Fuentez (Daiichi – VP for Project Management Group), Engr. Bernard Parajado (Daiichi – Project Director), Engr. Noel Villena (Daiichi – Project Director MEP) *JSEC stands for Jardine Schindler Elevator Corporation

How Schindler elevators’ PORT Technology supports Daiichi Properties’ sustainability

Manila, Philippines -- Jardine Schindler Philippines officially launched its latest PORT Technology-enabled destination elevator installation at Daiichi Properties’ The Finance Centre in Bonifacio Global City this February.

Schindler Philippines has 25 years of technical expertise in the local industry. It has strategic offices located in Metro Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Angeles and Iloilo, serving the needs of Philippine companies for world-class elevators and escalators. It prides itself with its Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal (PORT) Technology which helps provide tenants with a new and enhanced elevator and escalator service experience.

The PORT Technology only requires the identity or destination of a passenger to access a PORT Terminal. It takes care of planning and executing a seamless journey using an optimal route designed to take the shortest possible time to complete. Through this process, not only does it provide an innovative elevator experience but is also raising the security level of an establishment by limiting access to other floors or destinations.


Schindler Philippines continued its partnership with Daiichi Properties in providing its PORT Technology elevator service to the award-winning building, The Finance Centre. This premium-grade office tower is the second of the leading developer’s building to be installed with the PORT Technology elevator system. Prior to The Finance Centre, Schindler also provided its elevator service to another Daiichi Properties award-winning building, World Plaza, which is also in Bonifacio Global City in 2017.

Raising the benchmark for Philippine real estate, Daiichi Properties has been creating innovative office and residential buildings in Ortigas and BGC. The firm is committed to developing buildings that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, and are ensured to be earthquake and typhoon-ready. It also uses state-of-the-art technologies and innovations to reduce energy consumption and boost savings.

With Daiichi Properties’ strong commitment to developing green and sustainable buildings, Schindler’s PORT Technology meets today’s environmental challenges by managing the trips made by the 42-storey building’s elevators so that passengers are transported in the most efficient manner possible. Further, the equipment has been designed to use a reduced level of power consistent with the many features it provides. Schindler is committed to advancing PORT Technology to minimize total building energy consumption while ensuring that the energy that is used provides the optimum environment for their tenants.

“Daiichi Properties’ The Finance Centre is strategically located at the heart of BGC and has targeted key and high profile tenants. In addition, their focus on sustainability and advanced technologies and innovation clearly provides them a competitive edge. With Schindler’s PORT Technology, they have the potential to remove many of the existing constraints on interior layouts, thereby allowing architects greater creative freedom when designing the next generation of buildings. Buildings of the future like The Finance Centre will provide the truly differentiated service level essential to successfully attracting tenants in today’s highly competitive commercial real estate market,” said Peter Schwarer, Managing Director, Jardine Schindler Philippines.

Daiichi Properties’ The Finance Centre is an award-winning development, earning the Five-Star Best Office Development-Philippines in the 2016-17 Asia Pacific Property Awards. It is also LEED pre-certified Gold and is registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as an IT ecozone