Google dons a colorful mask, celebrates 39th Anniversary of MassKara Festival with a special doodle

October 28, 2018

Today’s Doodle marks the 39th anniversary of the MassKara Festival in the Philippines, a popular celebration known for its vibrant masks, feathers, costumes (like the one’s seen in today’s Doodle) and dancing on the streets.

In the doodle, Google letters are each dressed up in colorful and festive-looking masks as they dance happily to the beat of the occasion. They also don bright smiles on their faces to pay homage to Bacolod, the City of Smiles.

While the festival is at its peak on this particular day, it is a month-long celebration that includes, in addition to street dancing and singing, contests for pig-chasing, pole-climbing, and fireworks shows.

MassKara (Spanish-derived portmanteau of “a mass of people” and “face”) was started as a city government’s  effort to uplift the city of Bacolod, located on the island of Negros. At the time, the prominent sugar industry was suffering and an economic depression had set in. The celebratory festival was intended to bring back joy and laughter in the lives of the people. It was not just embraced but has since become an integral part of the culture and a tourists delight.

On October 28, visitors clicking the doodle on the Google homepage will learn more about the origins of the annual festival and the exciting highlights that people look forward to during the lively event.

Google’s doodles are fun and surprising alterations made to the logo to celebrate important holidays, events, and lives of famous people. Previously, Google Philippines joined the country in recognizing its 120th Independence Day and honoring the founder of Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Josefa Llanes Escoda, with tribute doodles.