Peace Corps Scholars and Alumni Association (PSAA) to Hold 4th General Assembly...

April 26, 2019
PCAFPD Davao Cluster

Peace Corps Scholars and Alumni  Association (PSAA) to Hold 4th General Assembly with the Theme “PSAA 2019: Bridging Gaps Towards Philippine Development” in Los Baños,Laguna, 12 June 2019

The PSAA made up of current scholars and alumni  will convene a General Assembly, with the theme “Bridging Gaps Towards Philippine Development,” on June 1 and 2 at the Laroca Resort, Los Baños Laguna. Organized in accordance with the PSAA Constitution approved in 2006, the 2019 General Assembly  will highlight Excellence, Leadership and Volunteerism.

Excellence—At least 15 current scholars from different provinces of the Philippines will talk about their current courses and their future plans for their communities. Leadership—The PSAA will develop strategies to assist the PCAFPD in supporting current scholars so as to help them fulfill semestral requirements. Volunteerism—There will be an election of the Board of Directors who will work with the PCAFPD in critical areas of importance to ensure that all goals of the program are met as well as to achieve the PSAA’s goal of carrying out community development activities.

PCAFPD Negros Oriental Cluster
PCAFPD Negros Oriental Cluster

Focus Group Discussions will engage participants in understanding the purpose of the PCAFPD, the role of the PSAA and how the “two” can work together in supporting the scholarship program. They will formulate viable and practical solutions and make recommendations for the PCAFPD Board to consider.

Speakers for the opening session on June 1 will include Peace Corps Philippines Country Director Monica Collier, PCAFPD Vice President for Philippine Operations, Roland P. De Jesus, and 2019 Philippine National Police Academy Valedictorian Jervis Allen Ramos (invited). As well, Ms. Geraldine J. Maiatico, former Volunteer and Associate Peace Corps Director for Peace Corps Philippines will talk about Public Service and Volunteerism.

For further information, please visit or contact PSAA President Ariestelo Asilo, email: and PSAA Secretary General Jessaline Escame, email: Participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #BridgeGapsPSAA on social media.