1.5M troop to Manila North Cemetery

November 01, 2018

THE number of people who  trooped to the Manila North Cemetery (MNC)  yesterday to visit their departed loved ones  reached at least 1.5 million.

This estimate was released by the Manila Police District (MPD), which said that the figures are still expected to rise to at least 2 million until the entire ‘Undas’ is over and that the situation had been generally peaceful.

Some 200,000 people meantime went to the Manila South Cemetery; 3,000, Chinese Cemetery  and 100,000, Laloma Cemetery.

Despite warnings, the MPD said their assigned personnel were still able to confiscate bladed weapons, flammable materials, gardening tools, cigarettes, playing cards and other prohibited items.

The MNC is reputed to be the biggest cemetery in the country, with a total area of 54 hectares. Promiment personalities including late Presidents of the country are interred there.