2 ‘employees’ nabbed in fake sale of vehicles

JOINT elements of the Bureau of Customs (BoC) and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of the Philippine National Police (CIDG-PNP) arrested last July 12, two BoC employees allegedly involved in the “sale” of confiscated items, especially vehicles, to the unsuspecting public.

Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence (DCI) Raniel Ramiro, said he immediately formed the special task group composed of elements from the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) under Dir. Jeff Tacio, the Enforcement and Security Service (ESS/Customs Police) under Dir. Yogi Ruiz, with the assistance of the CIDG’s Anti-Transnational Crime Unit (ATCU), under P/Lt. Colonel Cesar Paday-os, after receiving information about the scam last Friday.

Arrested near ‘Gate 1’ at the Port of Manila (POM) during an entrapment operation last July 16, were suspects, Primo Baldon and Richard Lagrolia, both of legal age.

Ramiro said the suspects’ ‘modus’ is to post luxury vehicles on social media purportedly ‘for sale’ at a very cheap price as they were allegedly among those earlier seized by the bureau.

The two would then invite those who showed interest to meet up with them near the POM gate where they would show their fake BoC identification card (ID) to avoid suspicion.

The apprehension is the latest in a series of operations by the IG aimed at rounding up unscrupulous individuals who are using the BoC in their nefarious activities.

Since assuming the post as DCI in October 2018, Ramiro has caused the arrest of at least 5 other individuals, of which the most known is former BoC deputy commissioner for administration, Atty. Roberto Geotina.

Geotina and his lady companion were arrested for alleged robbery extortion last May 22 at a restaurant in Quezon City.