2 QCPD traffic cops relieved over fake raport, bribery raps

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office director Major General Debold M. Sinas yesterday ordered the administrative relief and investigation of two members of the Quezon City Police District Traffic Enforcement Unit accused of bribery for faking a traffic investigation report involving a Chinese national accosted at a quarantine checkpoint on Thursday in Q.C.

Lieutenant Ronquillo Maano, , the chief of the QCPD Traffic Sector 4 and investigator Staff Sergeant Francisco Gonzales III were also transferred to a QCP in North Caloocan area while undergoing investigation for serious grave misconduct and irregularity in the performance of duty.

“This is a glaring example of ‘kotong’ in the district headquarters’ level which we should properly and immediately address in order to honor the sacrifices being made by our men out there in the field,” Sinas told QCPD director Brigadier Gen. Ronnie S. Montejo.

He also ordered Montejo to regularly check his investigators to see if they are doing their jobs properly.

The anomaly committed by the two was discovered by the QCPD District Intelligence Division and the QCPD Station 7 last Friday. It turned out that around 1:45 p.m. last Thursday, members of the QCPD-DID and Station 7 who were manning an Enhanced Community Quarantine checkpoint on at the corner of N. Domingo and Gilmore Streets in Barangay Valencia. They flagged down a Mazda CX-9 found to be being driven by a Chinese national Duan Shi Feng.

Feng failed to present his driver’s license while being questioned by the policemen. He also produced an expired Land Transportation Office registration papers for the vehicle prompting officers to place him and his passenger Narribishan Salahuddin under investigation.

Since the QCPD Station 7 cannot issue a traffic citation ticket to the Chinese national, QCPD-DID chief Lieutenant Colonel Rossel Cejas asked the QCPD District Traffic Enforcement Unit to take over the investigation of the incident.

Officers at the checkpoint said that after nearly two hours, a TEU personnel identified only as ‘Master Sergeant de Jesus’ arrived at the scene to conduct the investigation. The Chinese national and his vehicle were then brought to the QCPD headquarters in Camp Karingal for further investigation.

The following day, the QCPD Station 7 noticed a discrepancy in the spot report submitted by the DTEU regarding the incident. The first spot report identified the driver as ‘Shuimei Wang,’ a 58-year-old businesswoman of No. 109 G. Panay Avenue, Bgy. South Triangle, Q.C. who was reported to have no driver’s license and with an expired LTO Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration.

The QCPD Station 7 also discovered that the accused policemen released the vehicle which was supposed to be impounded on the same night. When an official of the QCPD Station 7 questioned the discrepancy of their report, SSgt. Gonzales apologized to him and promised to make the necessary correction.

The second corrected report identified the driver as ‘Duan Shi Feng,’ a 58-year-old businessman with the same address of Wang.

Sinas said that he learned from the QCPD Station 7 that ‘Duan Shi Feng’ is an employee of a POGO company based in Makati City. He said that when the Chinese was questioned at the checkpoint, he offered P20,000 for his and his companion’s release.

The QCPD Station 7 said that it was very possible that the DTEU personnel could have been bribed into fabricating the traffic incident report thinking it would not be noticed. On the same night, they released the Chinese national and his vehicle.

However, the DTEU personnel immediately recovered Feng and his vehicle after they found out that the anomaly they have committed has been uncovered and submitted the second spot report to cover up the matter.