2 traffic enforcers sacked for extorting money from food delivery drivers

April 18, 2020

METROPOLITAN Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Danilo Lim ordered the dismissal from service two traffic enforcers caught by authorities for allegedly extorting money Friday afternoon in Makati City.

Chairman Lim said the two traffic enforcers, whose identities were withheld, were arrested while in the act of extorting money from two food delivery motorcycle riders at around 5 p.m. at the southbound area of EDSA-Ayala.

“We will not allow anyone to taint the good image of the agency. Both of them are automatically terminated from service,” said Lim.  Both traffic enforcers are on job order status.

“The agency has no room for this kind of traffic enforcers. Wrongdoings should never be tolerated,” Lim added.

Based on investigation, two motorcycle riders were on their way to deliver food to their customers when they were flagged down by the two MMDA traffic enforcers on the loading and unloding bay on EDSA-Ayala southbound, Barangay San Lorenzo, Makati City and demanded P500 and P100 respectively in order for them to pass the thoroughfare.

Both food delivery riders yielded to the traffic enforcers’ demand but they quickly sought the assistance of the members of the Makati City Police who were conducting "Oplan Sita" at Arnaiz corner Park Square Drive and proceeded to the enforcers’ post.

The riders identified the two enforcers who extorted money from them that resulted to their arrest. Police were able to recover pieces of evidence - P500 and P100 bills from their possession.

Both were presently detained at the Makati City Police headquarters pending the filing of appropriate charges against them.