3 pushers killed in Baseco clash

December 10, 2018

THREE suspected drug pushers-cum- gunrunners were shot dead by policemen following a chase at the Baseco Compound in  Port Area, Manila, early yesterday morning.

The Manila Police District-Station 5 identified only one of the suspects as Robert Pagtaluna, alias ‘Oteb.’

The shooting incident stemmed from a buy-bust operation conducted at around  2 a.m. at the Baseco Compound where the suspects reportedly sensed that they were dealing with policemen and then engaged them in a shootout.

Police said the suspects fled toward Block 1, Gasangan,  Baseco Compound where they were later cornered by the pursuing policemen. Recovered from them were a plateless motorcycle, four guns, a hand grenade and an undetermined amount of shabu.

The bodies were brought to a funeral parlor for autopsy and safekeeping while the identities of the other two suspects are yet to be established by the police.