Aircon tech stabbed dead by 2 neighbors

September 21, 2018

A 33-year-old air-con technician, who fired his gun while under the influence of liquor, was killed when two brothers, who were his neighbors, took turns in stabbing him yesterday before dawn in Pasay City.

Marianito Duque, of 176 Ascaño St., Malibay, succumbed to multiple stab wounds in the body while being rushed by his relatives to San Juan De Dios Hospital with an ice pick used by the suspects still embedded in his body.

A report received by Pasay police chief Senior Supt. Noel Flores said the drunk victim pulled out his caliber .38 revolver at around 3:20 a.m. and fired twice into the pavement in front of siblings June Picardo, 44, and Antonio, 47, both residents of 190 Ascaño Street, who allegedly got irked.

To show his sincerity in asking for forgiveness, the victim removed the remaining bullets from the gun’s chamber and handed it to younger Picardo.

While in possession of the gun, the siblings pulled out their bladed weapons and took turns in stabbing the victim.

After the killing, Antonio’s son, Ricardo, 22, asked his father and uncle to board his pedicab and drove the two to escape.

When Ricardo returned to their house, elements of Malibay Police Community Precinct (PCP) arrested him while his father and his uncle managed to escape.