Ang slams sharing of fake news, hits posting of old Divisoria video

MAYOR Isko Moreno’s secretary to the mayor Bernie Ang appealed to the public to be responsible enough and verify first before posting anything that would paint a bad picture of Manila.

Ang lamented news that at least two incumbent government officials at that,  shared an old video showing overcrowding in Divisoria, without the benefit of any verification.

‘Being government officials themselves, I’m certain they have ways to confirm with the camp of Mayor Isko if the said video is new or old.  That way, they would have known that the video they posted or shared is way too old,’ Ang said.

Ang noted that the dissemination of fake news is among those prohibited under the new ‘Bayanihan We Heal As One Act’ and that it is incumbent upon everybody, whether in or out of government, to exercise required responsibility when using the social media.

Ang lamented that these ‘fake news’or false information being peddled in social media will only tend to negate the fact that Moreno and all city officials are overworking themselves to address the problems brought about by the COVID-19 situation in the country,

According to Ang, clearing Divisoria of vendors is a landmark move on the part of the Moreno administration and this is public knowledge and that allowing overcrowding there specially in these times is just impossible.

‘The city government of Manila, led by Moreno and vice mayor Honey Lacuna, is beset with the biggest problems these days given that it has a population of 1.8 million and at least three fire incidents hit various areas recently, so that the dissemination of fake news that tend to undermine the local government’s efforts is the least that we need right now,’ Ang stressed.

He also appealed that instead of engaging in fake news dissemination, government officials should call on others to emulate the 24/7 services being offered in Manila and how Moreno had been responding effectively to the gargantuan problems in the city.