Bagatsing: Time to unite

May 15, 2019

IT’s time to unite. It’s time to support Isko.” -Bagatsing.

This was the message of Don Bagatsing, after the proclamation of Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso’ as the mayor-elect of Manila the other night.

Bagatsing, the spokesperson of the Bagatsing clan, also expressed belief that Moreno can do a lot to improve the lives of the Manileños and help in the development of the city.

He added that Moreno ran in the right direction and his campaign was perfect and has no errors.

He said the residents also felt the sincerity of the incoming chief executive of the city, which is the reason why they voted for him in the recent midterm polls.

Bagatsing also believes that since Moreno is the youngest mayor of Manila, he is energetic enough to fulfill his duties and responsibilities in the city.

He also assured that their clan, is one with Moreno in solving and facing the problems of the city.

“Tapos na boxing, time to move on, shake hands and unite for Manila,” he concluded.

Bagatsing, is the nephew of former Cong. Amado Bagatsing, who ran for the vice mayoralty race in Manila in tandem with outgoing Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, but lost to incumbent Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna.