Barangay chief sued for hurting teen faces another case

November 16, 2018

THE Manila barangay chairman who only recently was accused of harming a minor inside his barangay hall is facing yet another controversy.

A couple, both of whom are researchers of a survey company, accused Bgy. 350 Chairman Felipe Falcon Jr. of abuse of authority and threatening their life.

The couple, who filed a formal complaint at the Manila Police District-General Assignment and Investigation Section (MPD-GAIS) the other day, were Fe and Marlon Caoili, both researchers/interviewers of Sctribe’s Vision Market Research and Services and residing in Del Pilar, Parang, Marikina City.

Falcon was earlier charged with physical injury in relation to Republic Act 7610 or Child Abuse Law after he allegedly beat up and hit with a belt buckle and a dry seal a 16-year-old boy last November 3.

The couple aleged that Falcon told them to run out of the barangay hall while threatening to shoot them while he was under the influence of liquor.

At that time, Falcon was alleged to be with eight or nine men who were armed eith bladed weapons and icepicks.

The couple said that prior to the incident, they knocked on the wrong door at a condominium tower to conduct an interview.

The tenant, identified as Erika Joice Obsum, accused them of being robbers and were thus brought by the security guard to Falcon, who allegedly said their IDs were fake and that they were indeed robbers.

The two said they were brought to a police precinct only to be returned to Falcon.