Barker killed by drivers

October 16, 2019

A 21-year-old barker was shot dead by a driver of a colorum passenger jeepney following an argument with his uncle over terminal queueing and passengers in Sta. Ana, Manila yesterday morning.

Rocky Villegas, of New Panaderos St., Sta. Ana,  died instantly due to three gunshot wounds in the body and face while the suspect, identified only through his alias ‘Jomar,’ 30, of Pasig Line St., Sta. Ana,  escaped.

Police said the gunman had four companions that included his twin brother.

P/MSgt Dennis Suba of the Manila Police District-Crimes Against Persons Investigation Section (MPD-CAPIS) said the shooting took place at 10:20 a.m. at a jeepney terminal onNew Panaderos Street, Sta. Ana.

The victim’s uncle, Dexter, told the police that the suspect wanted to cut the line in the terminal even if he was driving a colorum jeep.

When the victim complained, the suspect reportedly left, only to come back with four others.

The victim and the suspect exchanged blows until Jomar drew a gun and pointed it at Dexter, who was able to hide.