Bato joins call for Espenido to shut up

February 20, 2020
Dela Rosa & Espenido

FORMER Philippine National Police chief-turned Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa yesterday joined the long list of retired and active police officers who have called on controversial Lieutenant Colonel Jovie Espenido to stop airing his grievances to media or better quit if the force if he wants to continue with his tirades.

The ex-PNP chief became the latest to score Espenido for acting like a ‘celebrity’ in granting interviews with the press left and right to protest his inclusion in the list of 357 police officers and men ordered subjected to an adjudication by PNP chief, Gen. Archie Francisco F. Gamboa.

“Please stop talking. You’re still in the PNP organization and you observe what should be observed and talking indiscriminately is not observing the proper decorum,” Sen. dela Rosa said after attending  the anniversary celebration of the PNP Maritime Group headed by Brigadier Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr. at the PNP Multi-Purpos Center in Camp Crame and congratulated the unit for a job well done in going after criminals.

He also had a brotherly advice to Espenido: leave the police organization if you want to keep on talking.

Other top officials of the PNP hit Espenido for acting like a ‘celebrity’ and recklessly giving media interviews to defend himself after he was identified as among the 357 policemen being investigated for their alleged links to illegal drugs.

Gen. Gamboa had refused to answer Espenido’s outburst but said he will face another internal investigation for breaking police protocols.

According to the PNP chief,  the claim of Espenido that there was a ‘failure of intelligence’ on the part of the PNP when his name was included in the list of 357 police personnel would be dealt with internally.

“Leave it to us. It’s purely an internal issue, I will deal with Espenido squarely as the Chief PNP and he being a member of the PNP,” Gen. Gamboa said.

The PNP chief said there was a general instruction for the 357 policemen included in the drug watchlist to remain silent on the issue pending validation. Despite being repeatedly asked by the media to identify the 357 or give any clues on their identities, Gen. Gamboa had said their names will remain a secret since they are still considered innocent until proven guilty.

“Sabi ko nga we’re coming up with a social media protocols for PNP personnel because you have to resort to our own internal mechanism. So why Espenido? That’s why I will deal with him internally,” he said.