BoC-NAIA on red alert against illegal drug shipment

September 25, 2018

THE Bureau of Customs at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport yesterday went  on red alert  following reports that a drug syndicate is using Manila as a jump-off point in its drug trade and would intensify its operation this Holiday season.

The BoC also alerted its Intelligence Group to monitor all incoming cargoes and parcels coming from other countries.

According to BoC-NAIA District Collector Mimel Talusan, the directive was issued due to several apprehensions made over the weekend. Authorities intercepted last Saturday a parcel containing 800 grams of shabu from the Republic of Congo that was declared as art table at the Fedex cargo warehouse.

Talusan said an international drug syndicate has diverted their shipment from Hong Kong or Taiwan to the United States of America and Republic of Congo.

Talusan said the shabu was inserted in an art table box consigned to a certain Joy Bido Mariel of Cavite and sent by one Asuman Lopeta of 5EM Rue Industrielle Kinshasa, Republic of Congo.

The shabu with a street value of P5.4 million was turned over to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

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