Boy kills lineman, hunted

A 14-year-old boy is now being hunted down by the police after he shot and killed a lineman in Tondo, Manila the other night.

Victim Reconiel Cruz, 22, of  No. 187 Sardonyx St., Tondo, died instantly due to gunshot wounds in the body.

The boy’s alleged companions at the time of the shooting  were identified as Elaine Ambrosio Zamora, 19, of No. 380 Pilapil St., Tondo  and Johnren Aguilar Pineda, 18, a dishwasher, of 217 San Sebastian St., Tondo. Zamora was said to have served as the driver of the minor’s get-away vehicle and got arrested in a follow-up operation while the boy and Pineda remain scot-free.

A  probe by PO2 Mark Daniel de Guzman of the Manila Police District-homicide section said the incident took place at around 10:30 p.m. at the corner of Osmeña and Pacheco Streets.

The suspects were said to have been seen engaging in a rumble with a rival group when the victim, who was just passing by the area, tried to break up the fight, in the process punching the boy in the face.

The boy left and later came back already backriding a motorcycle. He got off the motorcycle and then fired at the victim repeatedly using a shotgun and at close range. Zamora then picked up the boy and sped away toward Pacheco Street.

Concerned citizens rushed the victim to the hospital to no avail while Zamora was nabbed in a follow-up operation by the police.