Bureau of Immigration, Clark Development Corporation round up 45 Chinese, 24 Koreans for working sans permit

December 13, 2018

ACTING on tipped information regarding aliens allegedly working without the proper visas or permits, a total of 45 Chinese and 24 Koreans were rounded up by the Bureau of Immigration and Clark Development Corporation (CDC).

The joint task force of the BI and CDC arrested the aliens at the Dongwang Clark Corporation and Clark Sunvalley Country Club on Monday, December 10.  

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente disclosed that the BI and CDC initially invited 93 foreign nationals for questioning and verification of travel documents after receiving reports that they were working under tourist visas in construction sites in the areas mentioned.

Of the said 93 foreign nationals, 69 were charged for violation of Section 37 (a)7 of the Philippine Immigration Act, while the 24 Koreans were released after presenting valid working permits.

“This is a call to our kababayans to remain vigilant.  Report all illegal activities of foreign nationals to the Bureau of Immigration for appropriate action,” the BI chief said.

He also said that he found it “absurd that these aliens had the guts to conduct their illegal operations in the vicinity of the Philippine Immigration Academy,” adding their blatant disregard of the law would warrant their deportation.  

All 69 foreign nationals were transported to the BI Warden Facility pending deportation proceedings.