Bureau of Immigration to deport American wanted for rape in Alaska

AN American national  wanted for rape by authorities in Alaska following an incident that happened almost two decades ago will be deported by the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

BI-Fugitive Search Unit Head Bobby Raquepo, in his report to the BI commissioner, said the American was identified as Carmen Daniel Perzechino, Jr., 57,  who was arrested April 4 by members of the BI-FSU at his apartment in Angeles City, Pampanga.

The mission order for Perzechino’s arrest was issued at the request of the US Embassy in Manila which informed the BI about the latter’s presence in the country.

Perzechino reportedly fled to the Philippines last February 11 after receiving information about his impending arrest to evade US authorities. His passport was already revoked by the US State Department to facilitate his immediate deportation as an undocumented alien.

Raquepo said that Perzechino is the subject of an arrest warrant by a Superior Court in Kenai, Alaska where he was charged with two counts of sexual assault in the first degree and one count of kidnapping-injury with sexual assault.

Perzechino committed his alleged crime in Sterling, Alaska on January 20, 2001 when he kidnapped his victim before sexually assaulting and raping her.  He is presently detained at the immigration facility in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig pending issuance by the BI Board of Commissioners of his summary deportation order.

He will then be placed in the BI blacklist and banned from re-entering the Philippines for being an undesirable alien.