Bureau of Immigration to deport Korean fugitive for swindling

A FUGITIVE from South Korea wanted for swindling nearly a hundred people in three Asian countries through telecommunications fraud, causing the victims to lose more than half a million dollars, is slated to be deported by the Bureau of Immigration (BI)

The said Korean, identified as Kim Youngin, 40, was nabbed on Wednesday by operatives from the bureau’s fugitive search unit (FSU) headed by Bobby Raquepo and inside his unit at the One Rockwell condominium tower in Makati City, by virtue of a mission order after the South Korean embassy informed the BI about the crimes he had allegedly committed.

It was learned from Raquepo that Kim no longer holds a valid passport because it was already cancelled by the Korean government and will thus be deported for being an undocumented and undesirable alien.

Raquepo said Kim is also an overstaying alien as he failed to extend his stay since he last arrived in the country as a tourist in August 2015.                              

Records show that Kim was issued an arrest warrant by a Korean court after he was indicted for large-scale fraud and swindling. Korean authorities alleged that Kim established and headed a voice phishing organization named “Hoon- yi” which engaged in telecommunications fraud in Incheon, Korea, Weihai, China and Cambodia from April 2012 up to March 2015.

By pretending to be a counselor of a company called D-REX that offered low interest loans to prospective customers, Kim and and his cohorts reportedly defrauded their victims in the said three countries of more than $530,000, Raquepo said.

Investigation also revealed that the syndicate had a database with the personal information of their victims which they utilized to contact, deceive and entice their victims to give them money in exchange for processing their loan applications.

The fraudsters resorted to voice phishing which enabled them to engage in identity theft and gain access to the private, personal and financial information of their victims, he added.