Cathay Pacific’s attention called over 2 inconvenienced elderly travellers

October 23, 2018

THE attention of Cathay Pacific management was called after two of its regular, elderly business class passengers reportedly suffered inconvenience while waiting to be boarded for their 12:30 p.m. flight to Hong Kong via CX-900 Monday.

It was learned that the said two passengers, both Chinese-Filipinos, had left the airline’s business class lounge minutes before the slated boarding time which is 11:55 p.m. Having arrived at the boarding Gate 112 minutes early,  they began looking for seats at the boarding gate but could not find any, since many of the passengers put their luggage on the said chairs.

Left with no other option, a lady personnel in blue uniform was asked by the duo’s companion, who was wearing the proper access ID, if the two could be provided with seats.

The lady personnel left and never came back and was instead already seen by the couple and their companion doing something else.

Since the duo’s companion saw that the two were already tired from standing being senior citizens and having seen several available seats behind the boarding counter where wheelchair attendants were also seated and preoccupied with their cellphones, their companion politely requested the lady in blue to allow the two elderly to sit there, specially since nothing happened to the request for the personnel to help find seats for them.

The said lady personnel in blue then took the boarding passes of the two passengers and stamped them.  She then told the two that they can sit in the said area where the wheelchair attendants were.

To their surprise, the lady personnel in red told the two passengers that they could not occupy the said seats, without offering any alternative seats for them.

They were finally allowed when their companion pointed to the lady in blue as the one who allowed them to sit there.

This reporter tried but failed to contact Cathay Pacific for its side, since the cellphones of those in charge of answering queries from media just kept ringing.