Chavit Singson vows cheapest internet

November 02, 2018
Chavit Singson
Chavit Singson, right, chairman of LCS Group of Companies, and his daugther, Charissa Singson, during a recent interview with newsmen. Photo by CHRISTIAN D. SUPNAD

FORMER Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson and the third telecommunications aspirant LCS-TierOne Consortium announced they have entered into an agreement to buy equity from an operator as the next-generation broadband satellite.

Singson and TierOne Consortium chairman Jonathon Bentley-Stevens signed the deal on Tuesday.

The Consortium did not name the operator, owing to the highly-sensitive nature of the on-going search for the new major player in the country’s telecommunications industry.

With the announced deal, TierOne is now assured that it will be able to provide the entire Philippine archipelago access to satellite-based broadband -- at much lower costs.

TierOne additionally revealed that it now also has an earth station gateway -- a facility which takes time to set up -- already in place in the country, thus enabling it to quickly use the broadband satellite services.

“We are committed to giving Filipinos the connectivity they need and demand, whether they are form Ilocos in the North, where I am from; to Davao in the South, where Jonathon has been living for decades now,” Singsong said.

“Our Investment in the satellite operator with a footprint capable of delivering broadband across the archipelago, reflects TierOne’sdesire to offer the Highest Committed Level of Service, as mandated by Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC),” Bentley-Stevens explained.

“This is definitely a game-changer,” Singson added.

Engr. Ed Millana, president of consortium partner Millawave Systems, which owns and operates a teleport, and delivers satellite communications services, described why the satellite is key for broadband delivery.

According to Millana, their soon-to-launch high-throughput broadband satellite will offer 1.3Gbps of bandwidth per transponder capable of delivering up to 100mbps to users.

“We are 7641 islands, we cannot be running a telco the way it’s been run in the past -- we have to rely on new technology like broadband satellite for coverage and on our fellow Filipinos for distribution,” Singson said.