Chinese held up by 2 inside cab

A 27-year-old Chinese national lost his cellphone ,cash, other valuables and even the rubber shoes he was wearing to two holduppers who sandwiched him while he was inside a cab cruising along Manila the other night.

Victim Wei Gao, a tourist, temporarily staying at the Pearl Manila Hotel, told the police that he rode a cab near the Tycoon KTV de luxe in Pasay City at past 11 p.m. and asked to be brought to his hotel.

About 15 to 20 minutes after boarding the cab, two men flagged down the cab, whose plate the victim failed to get.

The two men boarded the cab from both sides. While sandwiched, the victim said he was ordered to give his things among them his cellphone worth P50,000 and cash amounting to P9,000.

The victim said he was then told to remove the rubber shoes he wearing. and the suspects took them too.