Couple resists arrest after violating ECQ, jailed

A COUPLE ended up in jail after resisting when barangay authorities accosted them for loitering in violation of the enhanced community quarantine in Malate, Manila.

Now facing charges for alarm and scandal and violation of Republic Act 11332  or the declaration of state of public health emergency are McGregor Romero, 31, of 2186-1 Balingkit St., Malate, Manila and Rin Ramacula, 30, of  2150   Interior 1, Maginhawa St., Malate, Manila.

The two were nabbed by Barangay Kagawad Imee Rose Flores at the corner of Leveriza and Balingkit Streets in Barangay 711, Zone 78,  Malate, at around 4:15 ng hapon. 

Romero was initially turned over to barangay officials after being seen loitering in the vicinity without a quarantine pass or an ID exempting him from the enhanced community quarantine and was told to stay home.

Later that day, police said he was again seen outside with Flores tailing him. When barangay authorities accosted them, the couple got angry and created a scene.

Flores was prompted to seek assistance from the barangay watchmen and had the couple arrested when they failed to show any ID that would jusify their being outside of their homes.

They were turned over to the Manila Police District -Police Station 9 for the proper filing of charges against them before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.