Danao: Kakatayin ko kayo

October 23, 2019

WITH the assumption of new police leadership in Calabarzon region, rogue cops and criminals heydays are already numbered.

This was disclosed by newly installed Calabarzon police director, Brig. Gen. Vicente Danao during yesterday’s turnover of command presided over by PNP Officer In Charge, Lt. Gen. Archie Gamboa.

Danao, who was the former director of Manila Police District replaced Brig. Gen. Edward Carranza.

In his acceptance speech, Danao issued a stern warning to remaining rogue policemen and criminals to immdiately stop doing their nefarious activities, otherwise, they will face the sad consequences of their acts.

“Starting from this turnover rites, I am launching  and will immediately implement “Oplan Litis (Litisin ang Tiwalag at  Iskalawag ng mamamayan)”, said Danao.

For those who will go against it, Danao said with emphasis, “Ako mismo ang kakatay sa inyo”!

Danao said purge and discipline should not only be aplied to criminals but also to policemen who are the ones implementing the law.

He said his assumption to office will also be the start of new ERA (Example, Responsible and Accountable) under his leadership.

“For those bad eggs in the PNP and the criminals, I’m telling you to change or else your birthdays will be changed” the feisty general said as parting shots.