DBM urged to give gov’t nurses salary hike ASAP

February 20, 2020

DEPUTY Speaker Mikee Romero on Thursday urged the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to immediately pay the higher salary of government nurses as mandated by Congress and the Supreme Court.

“It is important that we now finally adjust the compensation for nurses in hospitals run by the national government in the wake of the novel coronavirus (nCoV) menace. Our nurses play a vital role in attending to infected patients and preventing the spread of the deadly virus,” Romero, who represents party-list group 1-Pacman, said.

He said nurses “are still awaiting what the law, the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002, granted them 18 years ago.”

“Let us now end that long wait by giving them what the law has entitled them to almost two decades back. The Supreme Court has upheld the law and Congress has provided the necessary funds for the higher salary of nurses,” he said.

Romero has filed a bill upgrading nurses’ compensation from Salary Grade 11 to Salary Grade 15.

However, in October 2019, the SC ruled that government nurses are entitled to Salary Grade 15 as provided under the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002, instead of Salary Grade 11, which is the compensation level they are currently receiving.

Salary Grade 11 entry-level pay is P22,316 under Republic Act (RA) No. 11466 or Salary Standardization Law 5. Salary Grade 15 is P9,737 higher at P32,053.