Death for gun-grabber

A holdupper who reportedly caused the death of her female victim by pushing her out of a moving passenger jeep was shot dead after he allegedly grabbed the gun of a policewoman while he was being investigated inside a police precinct in Manila.

The suspect, identified as Enrique Lugtu, 37, said to be a member of the ‘Sigue Sigue Commando Gang’ and  residing at 2310 Oroquieta St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, was rushed to the hospital but did not make it due to three gunshot wounds in the chest.                                                                             

An initial report from P/Captain Kherwin Evangelista of the Manila Police District-Station 3 said that the suspect was undergoing booking procedure under P/Corporal Analyn Sanvictores when Lugtu went for her gun. Corporals Vhermon Guerrero and Rhrisnel Vidanes pounced on him and in the process of wresting possession of the gun, the suspect got shot thrice.

Police said that following his arrest on Friday, Lugtu was put under investigation for the filing of a case against him, in connection with the May 26, 2019 incident where he reportedly held up passengers of a public utility jeep on Dimasalang Street in Sta. Cruz, Manila at around 10 p.m.   Itchie G. Cabayan

He reportedly pushed out of the moving jeepney holdup victim Emelita Legnes, a manicurist, when she resisted, causing her to suffer internal hemorrhage and subsequent death when her head hit the concrete ground.