Department of the Interior and Local Government adds new requirement in building permits

April 29, 2019
Eduardo Año

NO hygienic septic tank, no building permits.

This was the directive of Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año to local government units (LGUs) to prevent further degradation of the country’s waterways just like what happened in Manila Bay and its tributaries.

The DILG chief urged local chief executives not to issue building permits to establishments unless their design of the hygienic septic tank or wastewater treatment facility conforms with the existing environmental laws and policies.

“Let us learn from the lessons of Manila Bay which became a ‘gigantic septic tank’ and Boracay which was described as ‘a virtual cesspool’.  Local governments should already put their foot down by not issuing business permits to non-compliant establishments,” Año said.

He added that business owners would not also be given permits unless they obtain the necessary environmental clearances such as discharge permits and environmental sanitation certificate prescribed by laws, or required by the Department of Health, Laguna Lake Development Authority and its instrumentalities.

For establishments with inaccessible or non-compliant septic tanks, they advised to renovate or restructure it, connect to existing sewer lines of water utilities, or construct communal or shared septic tank.

Food establishments discharging wastes are also encouraged to have working and properly maintained oil and grease strap installed in their respective areas.