Doctor nabbed for selling overpriced thermal scanners

March 25, 2020

THE National Bureau of Investigation yesterday announced the arrest of a licensed physician in Quezon City who was accused of selling overpriced thermal scanners.

The NBI-Special Action Unit (SAU) identified him as Cedric John Sarmiento de Castro, a medical doctor, and supposedly a chapter president of Lions Club in New Manila, Quezon City.

He was accused of selling overpriced thermal scanners at P9, 500 each even though its retail price ranges from P800 to P1, 500 only.

Worse, the NBI claimed, the scanners de Castro was allegedly selling were donation to the Lion's Club in his capacity as president.

The NBI said de Castro was selling 150 thermal scanners worth approximately P1. 2 million.

He was brought to the NBI main office for usual booking procedures and will be brought before the Quezon City Prosecutor's office for inquest for charges of profiteering and hoarding.