Drive vs UPORs inside private vehicles now nationwide

ALL police commanders outside of Metro Manila have been ordered to check on all private vehicles who are possibly carrying Unauthorized Persons Outside of Residence or UPORs as part of the police’s effort to fight the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, Joint Task Force COVID Shield commander, Lieutenant  General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar announced yesterday.

The official said PNP chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa also approved his recommendation for the PNP Highway Patrol Group to raid areas where home quarantine and social distancing rules are being violated.

As of yesterday, police have already apprehended over 130,000 ECQ violators nationwide, nearly 93,000 of them given warnings they would be fined or charged in court for a repeated offense.

On the other hand, over 5,500 others were given fines recommended by the court or as a result of ordinances enacted by local government units.

Nearly 7,000 others remained in detention after being inquested for violation of different ordinances or disobedience or resistance to an agent of a person in authority while more than 23,000 are to be charged in court thru regular filing procedures.

Eleazar said Gen. Gamboa authorized the rest of the police regional offices outside the National Capital Region to expand their campaign against violators of the home quarantine specifically UPORs inside motor vehicles to ensure that home quarantine and social distancing are observed at all times.

“The expansion of the operations against these private vehicles which may have Unauthorized Persons Outside Residence (UPOR) inside is part of our Chief PNP’s order to further intensify measures against these hardheaded people,” said Lt.Gen.Eleazar.

Lt. Gen. Eleazar said once it’s found out that the private vehicles are driven by or carrying UPOR and were out on non-essential travels, policemen could issue TOP or Temporary Operator’s Permit, OVR or Ordinance Violation Receipt and other citation tickets to the drivers.

“All the violators should be penalized,” he said.