Druggie runs amuck, attacks Malabon cop

March 06, 2020

POLICE gunned down a drug-crazed man who run amuck after he tried to stab responding a lawman who tried to pacify him yesterday morning in Malabon City.

Malabon police chief P/Col. Jessie Tamayao said Alvin Calpo, 24, of 13 C4, Bgy. Tanong started to attack everyone on sight with a knife at around 7:40 a.m. along P. Aquino Avenue, in front of Kadima, Bgy. Tonsuya prompting residents in the area to seek the assistance of Malabon Police Community Precinct (PCP) 8.

PCP-8 commander P/Capt. Carlos Cosme, Jr. immediately dispatched P/SSgt. Meduard Reloj, P/SSgt. Darryl Misa and P/ Cpl. Sergio Consulta III to the area where they met Calpo who was armed with knife while chasing Manuel Bersales, 49, of Paradise Village, Letre, Tonsuya who happened to pass by the area.

Sgt. Misa, after introducing himself as policeman, tried to pacify the suspect but he was attacked and stabbed by Calpo but missed.

The suspect continued to attack the policeman who stumbled to the ground while evading the thrust. Sensing that his life was in danger, Sgt. Misa drew his firearm and shot Calpo in the right thigh before he pumped another bullet in the body after the suspect continued to attack him.

Malabon police homicide investigator P/Cpl. Jose Romeo Germinal said Calpo was recently released from Navotas Jail after he was charged with theft case. Germinal said the suspect was also charged with attempted homicide but was dismissed after the complainant filed an affidavit of desistance.

Calpo’s siblings admitted to the police that since the suspect got hooked on drugs, he started to get involved in illegal activities.