Dumped bf shoots Gf, friend dead

TWO Chinese nationals -- a man and a woman who are reportedly siblings -- were allegedly killed by the woman’s boyfriend who shot them early yesterday morning inside their condominium unit in Quiapo, Manila.  Another Chinese national, believed to be the suspect, was reported to have committed suicide hours later.

In his report, P/MSgt. Jansen Rey San Pedro of the Manila Police District-Crimes Against Persons Investigation Section (MPD-CAPIS) stated that at around 12:20 a.m. yesterday, the bodies of the two siblings were found at Unit 704 of the Gaisano Tower on C. Palanca Street in Quiapo.  One of them was identified only as ‘Ivy’ while the man remains unknown.

The suspect who escaped and was later said to have committed suicide, was identified as Qiu Shaojie, said to be Ivy’s boyfriend with whom she split up only recently and who resided on Blumentritt Street in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Investigation showed that around 9 p.m. of April 15, Ivy managed to call up her friend Zhirong Huang and told the latter that she and the suspect had an argument after she split up with him.  She also reportedy told Huang that the suspect refused to separate with her.

After an hour, Huang tried to contact Ivy through her cellphone but got no answer.

Worried, Huang ordered his store helpers Caisar Bagumbaran and Amerin Mahmod to go to Ivy’s home and check on her.

The condominium tower’s security guards then accompanied the said store helpers to Ivy’s unit but their knocks went unanswered, prompting them to use a duplicate key.  They found the victims dead from bulletwounds in the head and sprawled on a pool of their own blood.