Easing burden of bereaved makatizens

Abby Binay
Abby Binay

MAKATI Mayor Abby Binay has announced that the city government is set to build a public columbarium offering free cremation and inurnment services to city residents.

Mayor Abby said the columbarium is intended to relieve the bereaved family of the burden of costly funeral expenses and, at the same time, provide an innovative solution to the shortage of interment space in Makati.

“Our city engineers, architects and urban planners have already drawn up a site development plan for the construction of the columbarium. Makatizens can look forward to a worry-free and cost-free yet decent way of laying their loved ones to rest,” Mayor Abby said.

The mayor said the columbarium will be built on a 4,000-square meter property along Kalayaan Avenue in Barangay Valenzuela that used to be the Makati Catholic Cemetery.

“Aside from free cremation and inurnment services, we will make provisions for a viewing area where family and friends of the deceased can gather to pay their respects before the ashes are placed inside the crypt or vault,” the mayor added.

She also pointed out that the columbarium will be just across the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish Church, adding to its sanctity as a final resting place.

Mayor Abby assured residents that the facility will have people-friendly and environment-friendly features which promote safety, convenience and sustainability.

“Its landscaping will also inspire tranquility and dot the concrete skyline with a refreshing patch of greenery,” Mayor Abby said.

According to the site development plan from the city engineering department, four three-storey buildings with landscaping and parking areas will be constructed.

The two front buildings will have a guest/viewing area, concessionaires, PWD lift, and comfort rooms at the ground floor; and columbary vaults numbering 3,276, PWD lift and comfort rooms at the second and third floors.

The back building, which will hold around 14,108 urn vaults, will also have a lobby/lounge, concessionaires, vaults, PWD lift, and comfort rooms at the ground floor. At the second and third floors, there will be more columbary vaults, comfort rooms, and PWD lift.

At the center will be the chapel and administration building of the columbarium, which will also hold the office and the crematorium, plus comfort rooms and pantry.

Each urn vault will be made of aluminum frame and box, inside glass cover with key lock, granite cover on the perimeter, and granite lock and screw cap for better hold. Book type urns will be used for economy of space.

Other projects

Aside from the columbarium, the mayor recently announced plans to establish a modern school that befits a digital city. It will be equipped with modern computers and fast, reliable wifi connection to teach students the latest technology and develop them into globally competitive citizens.

Other infrastructure projects undertaken by the present city administration in line with Mayor Abby’s thrust of inclusive progress include the Makati Subway and the Makati Public Wifi System.