Eating together hikes risk of COVID infection

August 07, 2020

THE risk of COVID-19 infection is higher in households and work places where members of the family or co-workers talk and laugh while eating together.

This was revealed by Navotas City Mayor Toby Tiangco after the City Health Office recorded another 72 new cases bringing the total of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the city to 3,038 with 1,190 recoveries and 100 deaths.

The 72 new cases, according to Mayor Tiangco, was recorded following the results of swab tests on  644 individuals wherein 527 tested negative for COVID-19.

”Sa pag-aaral, nakumpirma na napakataas ng posibilidad ng hawaan sa mga bahay at opisina o lugar ng trabaho. Ito ay dahil kumpiyansa ang bawat isa sa kanilang mga kasama. Sabay-sabay sa napagsasaluhang pagkain, magkakatabi at walang distansiya,” said Tiangco.

Tiangco said sharing of food is no longer trendy. Under the new normal, avoiding each other means showing concern and caring for everyone.

Meanwhile, Navotas police chief P/Col. Rolando Balasabas told Tiangco that they were able to apprehend 551 violators of quarantine protocols including 505 who were caught without face masks or not wearing them properly.

Also nabbed were 17 curfew violators and 29 violating social and physical distancing.