Eleazar won’t apologize to rogue Eastern Police District operative

Guillermo Eleazar

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office chief, Director Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar yesterday said he won’t apologize to the rogue Eastern Police District anti-narcotics operative whom he berated in a nationally-televised confrontation the other day.

“Dinuro-duro ko talaga at hindi po ako magso-sorry sa mga iyan. Hindi po ako magso-sorry sa mga tarantadong pulis,” he said.

“Humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa taumbayan sa outrage na naipakita ko, pero tao lang po ako at bilang ama ng NCRPO ay talaga namang sinong hindi magngingitnit sa katarantaduhang ginagawa ng mga iyan?” he added.

Eleazar also thanked President Duterte’s expression of support to his outrage.

“The President’s approval on the way I handled the cops involved in robbery-extortion activity shows the consistency of our President -- how he abhors policemen involved in the illegal drug trade and policemen taking advantage of our war against illegal drugs to make money for themselves. He has called these cops as narco-cops and even narco-generals,” he said.

Eleazar explained that “the drug war, as perceived by our President, is a noble war. It is designed to save our youth from drugs and its ill effects. It is meant to save the so-called future of the nation.  President Duterte has said and warned drug lords and pushers time and again not to touch or drive our youth into drugs or he will kill them. While his is a figure of speech, the content and message is very clear,” he added.