Erap-Bagatsing tandem tops FCIBC survey

May 05, 2019

MANILA Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada and running mate former representative Amado Bagatsing continues to top different pre-election surveys as both remained the favored choice for Manila’s top posts.

“If the trend remains unchanged,  incumbent Mayor Joseph Estrada will serve his third and last term while Manila will have a new vice mayor,” according to the latest survey conducted by the Filipino-Chinese Independent Business Coalition (FCIBC).

In its April 24-27 field work survey, the FCIBC survey showed that Estrada garnered 51.8 percent votes preference and considered as the highest among several field works since January 2019.

The non-commissioned survey revealed that Estrada’s closest rival, former vice mayor Isko Moreno got 34.8 percent vote preference while former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim received 13 percent.

For vice mayor, Estrada’s running mate, Amado Bagatsing, received 54.5 percent,  compared to Moreno’s tandem incumbent Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, who earned 45 percent vote preference.

Marvin Manhit, FCIBC Chief research analyst said that based on their study, they noted Estrada still possess a “magnetic” political appeal to the Manilenos which is considered a plus factor against the tandem of Moreno-Lacuna.

“If you will notice, both Isko and Lacuna served as vice mayors under Estrada’s leadership. Based on our assessment, anybody who will be the running mate of  Mayor Estrada will win and it looks like Amado Bagatsing, who is also a veteran politician has the advantage over the incumbent,”  Manhit said.

The FCIBC is the same private firm that released a study on 2016 which confirmed the slim chance of Estrada in winning the elections against Lim.

After the 2016 elections, Estrada received 283,149 votes while Lim got 280,464 with just 2,000 votes against the latter.

“This time, we can forsee a commanding lead by Estrada against his opponent if the trend will continue, and we also expect landslide victory,” Manhit said.

Early this month, the Laylo Research Strategies and Media Trend Setter surveys showed Estrada is the most preferred mayoral bet against his political opponents for Manila’s top post.