Erap ‘snubs’ Isko’s peace offer

June 16, 2019

AN attempt by Manila Mayor-elect Isko Moreno to end ‘politics’ in the city and start a unified city proved futile after Mayor Erap Estrada failed to attend their scheduled meeting.

It was learned from incoming secretary to the mayor Third District Councilor Bernie Ang that since last week, Moreno had sent emissaries to the office of Estrada to arrange a meeting.

As agreed by both camps, Ang said the appointment was set at 4 p.m. on Friday. He said the incoming mayor humbly agreed to go to the office of Estrada at the Manila City Hall to ensure the meeting would push through.

However, at around 12 noon, Ang said the meeting was cancelled by Erap’s camp, saying the outgoing mayor was not feeling well. Ang said there was no advice if the meeting will still push through on another date.

Ang added that Moreno only wanted to end all differences with his political rivals before he assumes office on July 1.

Meanwhile, a certain Alex Morales coordinated with the camp of Moreno and had the meeting reset this week.