Estrada orders arrest of bgy chairman who mauled student

November 06, 2018

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Tuesday ordered the arrest of a barangay chairman and some of his kagawads for mauling  a 16-year-old student who erroneously called the suspect “kagawad”.

Estrada also urged the victim’s family to file criminal charges against the suspect, identified as Bgy. Captain Felipe Falcon Jr., of Bgy. 350, Tondo, Manila, so that he would be removed from his position.

The Manila chief executive likewise instructed the City Legal Office to extend legal assistance to the Grade 9 student, who sustained injuries after Falcon and some of his barangay kagawads mauled the victim when he addressed him kagawad instead of “ka-pitän”.

Falcon, who was reportedly drunk, hit the young victim with a steel bar with the help of his kagawad.

The Manila mayor has directed Manila Police District director Chief Superintendent Rolando Anduyan to go after Falcon to answer the charges against him and his kagawad.

According to the police, the victim’s father has already filed a complaint at MPD Heaquarters right after the incident.

Estrada assured that justice would be given to the victim as he warned local officials not to abuse their position and instead extend help to their respective constituents.