Ex-con kills roommate

A 45-year-old pedicab driver was stabbed dead yesterday by his ex-convict roommate inside his home in Tondo, Manila, early yesterday morning.

The victim was identified as Pepito Pantaleon, of C2 Road 419, Victor Lopez, Tondo, Manila. He sustained multiple stab wounds in the body.

The suspect, an alleged drug addict known only by his alias ‘Waray,’ was living with the victim and had just gotten out of jail where he was detained for unknown charges.

Pober PO1 Camilo Ross Cunanan of the Manila Police District-Homicide Section said the incident took place at 2:30 a.m. right inside the victim’s room.  His brother told the police that he heard a door being banged shut so he went out to check and traced the noise to the victim’s room.

He then saw the suspect coming out of the victim’s room but ignored what he saw and went back to sleep.

Moments later, barangay officials and the police began knocking at his door and informed him that the victim had been found fatally stabbed.