Ex-convict gunned down

AN ex-convict who reportedly went back to being a drug user was shot dead by a still unidentified gunman in Port Area, Manila the other day.

Richard Garcia, a house painter and said to be a member of the Batang City Jail (BCJ) gang of  No. 56 Old Site , Baseco Compound, Port Area, did not make it to the hospital alive.

The shooting reportedly took place at around 4 a.m. while the victim was walking in the said area.  The suspect, identified only through his alias as ‘Penny’ was said to have suddenly appeared as the victim reached a dark alley and shot him dead.

Prober PO3  Jonathan Bautista of the Manila Police District--homicide section said the victim was with his friends known only as ‘Jimson’ and ‘JR’ when the shooting took place in front of the Evacuation Center at the Baseco Compound.

It was learned that the suspect also fired at the victim’s companions but missed.