Ex-cops in Munti robbery hunted

August 14, 2020

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office director, Major General Debold M. Sinas yesterday ordered a massive hunt for a group of rogue ex-policemen who posed as National Bureau of Investigation agents when they robbed 15 Chinese POGO workers and their eight Filipino staff of more than  P1 million worth of cash and valuables in Muntinlupa City last Tuesday.

“I have instructed all NCRPO operatives to be on the watch for these rogue former and AWOL police personnel who have been identified as the armed men involved in a heist in Muntinlupa City last Tuesday. These armed and dangerous criminals are now the target of a massive manhunt operation by my men,” Sinas told the Journal Group.

In his directive, the official ordered Team NCRPO to fully support the Muntinlupa City Police Station in tracking down at least seven suspects who masqueraded themselves as ‘NBI Agents’ when they held up a POGO establishment in the city around 12:10 pm. last Tuesday.

He also ordered the NCRPO Regional Intelligence Division to conduct follow-up intelligence check on the suspects and identify all their cohorts and probable hiding places.

Sinas also directed the NCRPO Personnel and Records Division to provide updates on the status of the suspects specifically amid reports that some of them could still be in active police service but have gone on AWOL (Absence Without Official Leave) status.

The Southern Police District headed by Brigadier Gen. Emmanuel B. Peralta said the suspects barged inside Block 2, Lot 5, Ibarra Street in Rizal Village, Alabang City in Muntinlupa around 12:10 p.m. last Tuesday, identified themselves as ‘NBI agents’ and at gunpoint ordered the persons inside to surrender their cash and other valuables.

Fifteen Chinese POGO workers identified as Feng Lei, Dong Bao Long, Li Bing,Yu Hang, Zhai Wei, Xheng Ping, Yi Tongtong, Zhang Linyu, Buyi Hao Li Yung, Xin Ping, Lu Yonlong, Yang Yanlu, He Guang Ba, Huang Xing Liao and He Lou  and eight of their Filipino employees were robbed by the gunmen.

The suspects managed to steal around P667,000 in cash, a diamond ring, several mobile phones and a silver necklace during the daring heist before fleeing.

During an investigation, the Muntinlupa City police found out from a security guard in the area that the suspects identified themselves as NBI operatives out on an official mission before they conducted the robbery-holdup.

However, a driver of the POGO employees identified as Angelo Perlota was identified as among the cohorts of the suspect during investigation. The driver confessed his involvement in the heist as the ‘tipster’ of the suspects.

A case for robbery was initially referred against the suspects before a Muntinlupa City prosecutor’s office.

The Muntinlupa City police also identified at least three suspects in the robbery-holdup thru the help of several witnesses whose names were withheld for security reasons.

Sinas said the identified suspects include  a former Police Officer 1 assigned with the NCRPO who went AWOL after testing positive for shabu use;  an AWOL police corporal police who recently survived a gun attack in Taguig City staged by motorcycle-riding men;  and a  police staff sergeant said to be assigned at the SPD.

All suspects but Perlota are still at-large and are considered as ‘armed and dangerous’ by the NCRPO.