Ex-soldier gunned down by 3 ‘cops’

February 12, 2020

A 59-year-old former soldier was shot and killed by three unidentified suspects who allegedly introduced themselves as policemen yesterday before dawn in Caloocan City.

Ricardo Bona, Sr., operator and driver of tricycle and resident of 314 Guapo St Miramonte Heights, Brgy. 180 succumbed to bullet wounds in the body while being rushed to Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Hospital while the still unidentified suspects immediately fled towards an unknown direction.

Initial report showed that the victim and his daughter-in-law, identified only as certain Rea, were on their way home on board a tricycle at around 3 a.m. after trying to look for the latter’s husband Rexy who went to the billiard hall when three armed men who allegedly introduced themselves as policemen blocked their path along Guapo Street, a few meters away from their house.

One of the suspects, who was wearing a police uniform tried to frisk the victim but he resisted which prompted the two others, one wearing Angkas uniform and the other in civilian clothes, to hold him in both arms.

When the victim continued to resist, one of the suspects shot him repeatedly in the body which prompted Rea to run towards their house to seek help but one of the suspects chased her.

The commotion was heard by the victim’s wife Zenaida who tried to go outside but one of the suspects allegedly poked a gun prompting her to close the door.

Before the suspects fled, one of them allegedly strafed the victim’s house with bullets.

Operatives of Caloocan police are now conducting a follow-up operation for possible identification and arrest of the perpetrators.