Fake traffic enforcer jailed for extort

January 10, 2019

A fake traffic enforcer landed in jail after he was arrested for trying to extort money from a rider he accosted yesterday morning in Pasay City.

Pasay police chief Senior Supt. Noel Flores said Marcelo Frias, 57, of 353 Pilapil St., Bangkusay, Tondo, Manila was arrested by local traffic enforcers Marcelo Magboo and Gerardo Amita who saw how he demanded money from the rider in exchange for not issuing a traffic violation receipt.

Investigation showed that while Magboo and Amita were manning traffic along Roxas Boulevard near Buendia flyover at around 10:50, they noticed how Frias accosted Freddie Matalang, 35, who was driving a motorcycle (NCI-3851) and accused him of violating traffic rules.

He heard Frias allegedly demanding P200 from Matalang in exchange for not issuing an OVR but the rider insisted he had done nothing wrong and kept asking for his violation.

Magboo and Amita decided to interfere and asked Frias his identification card since the latter was not familiar with them.