Fight evil with humility, not violence -- Cardinal Tagle

April 16, 2019
Luis Antonio Tagle

MANILA Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle urged the faithful to fight evil with love, humility and sacrifice, and never with violence.

Tagle said Christian living can only be achieved when founded on humility exemplified by Christ.

“What did Jesus say? Don’t use violence. Instead, his response to those arresting and will maltreat him was healing,” he said.

The cardinal noted that it is almost impossible for people to follow Jesus who emptied himself “because that’s not the way of the world.”

“But for the Lord, that’s not impossible,” he said.

Tagle pointed out that it is by staying humble that the Christian can enter into a relationship with Jesus.

During the Holy Week, he said Christians should meditate on the suffering of Jesus and recognize that “He humbled himself for us.”

The prelate stressed that the Holy Week is not just about taking vacation but an occasion to get to know Jesus.

“I’m asking you, look at Jesus. Even if his words are hard to understand and his deeds are hard to follow, let’s not avoid him. Instead, let’s look and listen to him intently,” he said.