Fil-Am probed for gun, cocaine, MJ

October 19, 2018

A Filipino-American is now being investigated for possession of a gun, cocaine and marijuana during a chance encounter with the operatives of the Airport Police Department and the Metro Manila Development Authority when the car he was driving accidentally hit a cab parked in front of the NAIA Terminal 4 the other night. The vehicle is said to be registered to a known basketball player.

Airport Police Department head Vicente Nieves said an MMDA traffic enforcer reported the accident to their office and that the driver tried to escape. When the airport police arrived at the scene, they knocked on the driver’s side window.

The driver, Fil-Am Alexander  Tolentino, 43, opened the window a bit and reportedly gave conflicting answers to the questions of the APD. He was said to have been sweating profusely and took a long time before handing over his driver’s license.

When the APD saw a .38-cal. revolver inside, they asked Tolentino to alight. During a subsequent search on his car, they found seven live ammunition, illegal drugs and a California ID.

The car, a Ford Explorer (ZGP-656), is now under verification although initial investigation showed that it is registered with the Land Transportation Office under Mark Anthony Caguioa.

Meanwhile, a US citizen is also in hot water after a drug parapehernalia was found on him at the final security check area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 while he was about to board a Cebu Pacific flight to Legazpi.

NAIA-PDEA Officer Gerald Javier said suspect Hawkins Mariner Augustus, 40, was about to board Flight 5J-319 going to Legazpi when the X-ray machine sounded as he passed through it.

During frisking, found tucked in his waist was a tooter used in sniffing shabu.

An examination was made on the said tooter and it turned positive for shabu residue so that appropriate charges were filed against the suspect, who was said to have arrived in the country to attend a wedding. He refused to give any statement, saying he would wait for his lawyer.