Filipino-Chinese group hits ‘taho’ girl, praises cop

February 20, 2019

THE bad behaviour displayed by 23-year-old fashion design student Zhang Jiale in throwing soy pudding (taho) on a uniformed police officer is an isolated incident that does not in any way reflect how the Filipino-Chinese community and the Chinese nationals in the Philippines, as a whole, treat our law enforcers.  

This was underscored by Dr. James Dy, chairman emeritus of the Philippine Chinese Charitable Associations, Inc., owner and operator of Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center General and of the Filipino Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (FCGCCI), as he expressed anger over the way the cop, PO1 William Cristobal, was treated and thus personally apologized in behalf of the Filipino-Chinese community in the Philippines for the said incident.

Dr. Dy recommended that Cristobal be promoted one rank higher ‘to serve as an example and an inspiration to all other police officers in the performance of their daily duties’. 

Dy made the pronouncements during his welcome remarks at the ‘2019 MPD Annual Recognition Night’ held in Manila, where, along with Cristobal, policemen who were wounded in the line of duty were also cited and given due recognition.

‘I apologize to the police community in general, ‘for the cowardly act of this Chinese national against a police officer. We accord our police officers with the highest respect that they deserve. We shall, and has always been supportive of our law enforcers,’ Dy stressed. 

According to him, PO1 Cristobal of the Mandaluyong Police showed that heroism and courage in the face of adversity can be displayed in the most simple task police officers face on a daily basis and that in light of the said incident, ‘we are humbly recommending to the Philippine National Police to promote PO1 William Cristobal one rank higher as a fitting way to celebrate his devotion to duty, perseverance and patience and utmost display of professional conduct in handling the situation.

Dy also said that despite the disrespectful assault on his person, PO1 Cristobal maintained his composure, calmly but firmly explained the reason why the woman is not allowed to board the MRT and held his ground.

‘Video footage of the incident immediately went viral, and the general public sentiment not only across the country but from across the world, expressed anger and condemnation over the action of the woman. They in return heaped praise and acknowledgment for the heroic act of PO1 Cristobal in showing extraordinary grace under pressure in maintaining his professional conduct and bearing in the face of blatant arrogance by a foreign national to a police officer, who was only doing his sworn duty’, he added.