Frat leader survives ambush in Binondo

THE president of a local chapter of the Tau Gamma Phi was shot in the head by a still unidentified gunman in Binondo, Manila the other night.  Fortunately, he survived.

The Manila Police District-Station 11 said that victim  Rolito Funelas, 29, of the Tau Gamma Phi- Parola Community Chapter and residing at Gate 54, Area C, Binondo, Manila, is now recovering in a hospital where he got treatment for his wound.

The MPD said the incident took place at 7:40 p.m. right in front of the victim’s house. Funelas was said to be driving his motorcycle when he felt that something had hit his head.

He was rushed to the hospital by his family while the gunman, whom witnesses described as about six feet tall, wearing a  black hoodie and facemask, escaped.

The suspect’s identity and motive remain unknown.